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Over the past several decades, countless industrial combustion systems were installed in the USA with Kromchröder components. If you’ve found us while searching for replacements for the Kromschröder brand, then you may have many more parts on your furnace bearing their logo.

The part you need may have been in service for so long that it’s no longer available, and is now obsolete or discontinued.

With Combustion 911, you’re in good hands. Our team has worked with Kromschröder products for years, and we know them inside and out. Perhaps more importantly, we’re combustion system experts. Our team can look at how the part was being used in your system and uncover the relevant functionality. That makes us perfectly suited to suggest appropriate replacements for your Kromschröder products.

We continue to carry some Kromschröder parts, so please look to us for replacement electrodes, spare UV tubes, ZAI pilot burners, and the like. In many cases however, we will suggest alternative parts, from other manufacturers.

Are you in need of a replacement for your DG pressure switch? Allow us to suggest instead our own C911-P pressure switch, in stock and available in Kent, OH.

What about a new VAS gas safety shut-off solenoid valve (SSOV) or a VCS double SSOV? Please consider instead VMR, VML, and VMM from Elektrogas.

Maybe you just need a VGP? Then the VMR..OTN should suit you.

The list goes on. Our goal is to provide quality combustion equipment with reasonable lead times at fair prices, and we have the expertise to help ensure the quoted alternative is suitable for your application.

We’ve helped hundreds of customers convert since 2015, when we started looking for suitable alternative manufacturers and products.

If you don’t see what you need right away, please contact us via email ( or phone (330.678.3683). Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 8a – 5p EST, and we try to respond to all requests within 24 hours of receipt, or the following business day.

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Kromschroder Accessories

E BOOTS Straight electrode adapters and plug caps.
DE The Flow Meter DE is designed to measure volume and instantaneous flow of natural gas, propane, inert gases, and air. The DE style meter has an LCD display that shows the current volume, the current flow, and date.
DM Fitted with a mechanical counter head, the Flow Meter DM is designed to measure the volume of natural gas, propane, inert gases, and air.
GFK Gas Filter GFK is used to filter fuel gas, nitrogen, and combustion air.
VMO Orifice assembly VMO for valVario Valves (replaces FLS models).
FLS The orifice assembly FLS provides accurate metering of gas flow to industrial gas burners.
TC 1-3 The tightness control TC checks the fail-safe function of both valves before each start-up or after each shut-down of a system with two safety valves.
TC 410 DISCONTINUED - The tightness control TC checks the fail-safe function of both valves before each start-up or after each shut-down of a system with two safety valves. The TC 410 mounts inside a control cabinet, separately from the valve system.
LFC The linear flow control LFC adjusts volumes of gas and cold air on various systems.



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