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Elster Kromschröder is the primary brand stocked and sold by Combustion 911. No other brand on the market is as committed to safety, quality, and reliability, making Kromschröder the #1 choice of industry professionals and combustion technicians worldwide.

Kromschröder's commitment to safety is as progressive as the products they manufacture. Approvals are maintained to satisfy a broad range of national requirements, including UL, FM and CSA, which are those most commonly required for installations in North America. SIL ratings are now listed in the majority of product documents, preempting the future of safety ratings for combustible gas products in the US and abroad.

Kromschröder products are subjected to rigorous quality control standards, and all valves are tested prior to shipment, to help ensure proper operation upon arrival. Constant product innovation means that you remain at the forefront of the industry, and a commitment to product support and reverse compatibility allows you to keep your system running at peak performance for years before making the decision to upgrade to the latest platform.

Kromschröder products are among the most reliable money can buy. Valvario solenoid valves boast an extremely high operating cycle rating, something that is absolutely necessary for pulse-fire systems, in order to avoid constant, and costly replacements. Kromschröder controls, such as the BCU or IFD, typically run well beyond their life expectancies, but when replacements become necessary, most of the time this can be accomplished without rewiring. And Kromschröder burners are known throughout the industry for their ability to light reliably, time and again.

Combustion 911 specializes in Kromschröder equipment for the North American Market, though we can supply European Standard equipment as well. A wide variety of products are available to browse online, from pressure switches, pressure and ratio regulators, solenoid valves and gas filters, to BCU, PFU, and IFD 258 burner controls, as well as pilot and main burners. Also available online is a comprehensive library of the most up-to-date Kromschröder product literature available.

If you're in the market for Kromschröder products, whether it be for a new installation, a rebuild of a current furnace, to replace like items due to wear or to replace another manufacturer's equipment, our knowledgeable sales staff can help. If you are buying a standard Kromschroder part and know the part number try Site Search feature on every page of our web site. Still can't find what you need? We can get it! Just use the "contact us" page to send us an e-mail or give us a call at 330-678-3683 (M-F 8-5 EST).

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Kromschroder Accessories

E BOOTS Straight electrode adapters and plug caps.
DE The Flow Meter DE is designed to measure volume and instantaneous flow of natural gas, propane, inert gases, and air. The DE style meter has an LCD display that shows the current volume, the current flow, and date.
DM Fitted with a mechanical counter head, the Flow Meter DM is designed to measure the volume of natural gas, propane, inert gases, and air.
GFK Gas Filter GFK is used to filter fuel gas, nitrogen, and combustion air.
VMO Orifice assembly VMO for valVario Valves (replaces FLS models).
FLS The orifice assembly FLS provides accurate metering of gas flow to industrial gas burners.
TC 1-3 The tightness control TC checks the fail-safe function of both valves before each start-up or after each shut-down of a system with two safety valves.
TC 410 The tightness control TC checks the fail-safe function of both valves before each start-up or after each shut-down of a system with two safety valves. The TC 410 mounts inside a control cabinet, separately from the valve system.
LFC The linear flow control LFC adjusts volumes of gas and cold air on various systems.



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