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Valve Proving Controls TC 1 - 4

Keep Your Safety Shut-off Valves Leak-free

Kromschröder manufactures a variety of valve proving controls under their TC line. TCs boast a short, adjustable test period which can be adapted to different systems without making start-up take forever! All TC valve proving controls allow you to check both safety shut-off valves either before start-up or after shut-down of your system. With their small dimensions and self-monitoring electronics, Kromschröder valve proving controls offer you maximum safety in a small package!

The TC 410 mounts inside a control cabinet, separately from the valve system. When using this model, an external pressure switch takes over the mechanical pressure test between the valves. Because of this, the TC 410 is independent of gas type and inlet pressure, and can be used for a test period of up to 10 minutes with a large test volume!

TC 3 models are universal devices for quick- and slow-opening gas solenoid and mechanical valves of any nominal size. The tightness check is carried out by auxiliary solenoid valves built-in to the TC 3 unit.

TC 2 models are used to perform tightness checks on quick-opening valves. The tightness check is carried out by an internal pressure switch.

The TC 1 is identical to the TC 2, but with one important exception – it is engineered to mount directly to Valvario controls VAS,  VAD and VAG using an inexpensive adapter plate.


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