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Solenoid Valve for Air VRSolenoid Valve for Air VR (NOW OBSOLETE - Replacement Boards Available - See Accessories)

If you're looking for an NPT/ANSI replacement for your failing VR valve, check out the VRA/VLA/VTA from Elektrogas:

  • For continuous duty intermittent high/low or on/off control of combustion airflow
  • Individual high flow adjustment
  • Designed for continuous on-off cycling
  • Life expectancy of 2 million cycles
  • DC system prevents overheating of solenoid coil
  • Damper for speed control
  • Closed position indication and low flow bypass available
  • Low maintenance CE certified models available
  • UL listed
  • CSA approved


VR solenoid air valves are for on/off or high/low control of air flow for combustion systems. Their continuous duty capability makes them especially well suited to withstand the continuous cycling of frequency firing combustion control systems.

Ordering Information

VR valves are no longer available. Replacement printed circuit boards may be ordered under the Accessories tab.


Model and Description Price Cart
VG/VR 10-40/32
Rectifier PCB VG/VR 10-40/32 ..T, Q /B; 120VAC, 230VAC
VG/VR 10-40/32
Rectifier PCB VG/VR 10-40/32 ..K /B; 24VDC
VG/VR 40-65
Rectifier PCB VG/VR 40-65 ..T, Q /B; 120VAC, 230VAC
VG/VR 40-65
Rectifier PCB VG/VR 40-65 ..K /B; 24VDC
Rectifier Board
120V for American Program VG 15-100, VR, MK

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