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Burner Control Unit PFU 780Burner Control Unit PFU 780

  • For pilot and main burners of unlimited capacity in intermittent operation or in continuous operation pursuant to EN 746-2
  • Plug-in function unit for mounting in 19″ module subracks
  • Separate flame control for pilot burner and main burner by UV, ionization or a further option of using the furnace chamber temperature
  • Programming and diagnostic software BCSoft simplifies logistics management
  • Display of the program status, unit parameters, and flame signal; manual mode for burner adjustment and for diagnostic purposes
  • Air valve control relieves the furnace control
  • FM approved


The burner control units PFU 780 controls, ignites, and monitors gas burners for intermittent or continuous operation. Its electronic design reacts quickly to various process requirements and is therefore suitable for frequent cycling operation.

The PFU 780 can be used for industrial burners of unlimited capacity, which are ignited by pilot burners. Pilot and main burners are controlled and monitored independently. This reduces the main burner start-up time. The pilot burner can burn permanently or be switched off. The main burners can be modulating or stage-controlled.

On industrial furnaces, the PFU 780 reduces the load on the central furnace control by taking over tasks that only relate to the burner, for example, it ensures that the burner always ignites in a safe condition after it has been restarted.

The burner control unit is used for burners with mechanical combustion air supply where the fan is controlled by a separate logic and for atmospheric burners.

The air valve control on the PFU 780L assists the furnace control for cooling, purging, and capacity control tasks.

The program status, the unit parameters, and the level of the flame signal can be read directly from the unit. Pilot and main burners can be controlled manually for commissioning and diagnostic purposes.

If the local requirements on the automatic burner control unit change, the PC software BCSoft can be adjusted to the unit parameters of the application using the optical interface.

Users can see input and output signals and the error history.

Ordering Information

Model and Description Model Mains Voltage Trial for Ignition Period Air Valve Control? Digital Input?* Price Cart
PFU 780 LND 10/2
Mains Voltage: 115 V AC; 10 second trial for ignition period; Integrated air valve control; Integrated digital input
PFU 780 LND 10/2 115 V AC 10 seconds Yes Yes Contact Us Not available for online purchase.

* Digital Input to interrupt flame monitoring.

For all other configurations Contact Combustion 911


Model and Description Price Cart
PCO 200
Optical Adapter for BC Soft with USB interface, includes CD-ROM
Contact Us Not available for online purchase.

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