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Gas/Air Ratio Regulator RAGGas/Air Ratio Regulator RAG

  • Available in ¾, 1, 1½, and 2 inch NPT (½ inch NPT coming soon)
  • Equipped with an adjustable bypass
  • 7.25 PSI max. inlet pressure (500 mbar)
  • 48” w.c. max. air control pressure (120 mbar)
  • A metallic mesh filter protects the regulator seat from dirt and debris (filtration grade <1mm)
  • Impulse line integrated inside regulator
  • Designed to generate low pressure drop and high flow
  • Suitable for use with non-aggressive gases. Special versions for aggressive gases (Biogas).
  • Features pressure test points in the gas inlet, gas outlet, and air control chamber for connecting manometers, pressure switches, etc.
  • Regulators are 100% tested and fully warranted


The Elektrogas ratio regulator RAG is used to maintain a constant air-gas ratio upstream of gas burners. It is equipped with an adjustable bypass and may be used as a zero governor.

Ordering Information

Model and Description Model Connection Pe Max Price Cart
Size 3N; ½" NPT connections; 7.25 PSI max.
RAG1N ½″ NPT 7.25 PSI Coming Soon!  
Size 2N; ¾" NPT connections; 7.25 PSI max.
RAG2N ¾″ NPT 7.25 PSI
Size 3N; 1" NPT connections; 7.25 PSI max.
RAG3N 1″ NPT 7.25 PSI
Size 4N; 1½" NPT connections; 7.25 PSI max.
RAG4N 1½″ NPT 7.25 PSI
Size 6N; 2" NPT connections; 7.25 PSI max.
RAG6N 2″ NPT 7.25 PSI


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