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PFA 700N with PROFIBUS plug

  • Simple control of up to nine automatic burner control units PFS, PFD or PFU via one line
  • Saves installation and wiring costs
  • Certified for PROFIBUS DP
  • Four digital inputs and four digital outputs for free use
  • Remote diagnosis option for high availability
  • Easy expansion of networked installations

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This is a 19″ module Fieldbus interface for interworking of up to nine automatic burner control units PFU 760 to PROFIBUS DP. The PFA 700 is integrated in the ready-wired module subrack BGT. This combination complies with the Low Voltage Directive (2006/95/EC) and the EMC Directive (2004/108/EC). Integrated power supply for the bus interface and the inputs of the automatic burner control units, code switches for addressing the fieldbus interface. This interface is for spanning lengthy distances for signal processing common in industrial furnaces and kilns.

PROFIBUS DP, as a standardized field bus system, substantially reduces development, installation, and commissioning effort and expenditure. The system facilitates handling high volumes of information to and from the control room, such as measurement, closed-loop control and open-loop control signals, or alarms can be transmitted in a concentrated manner via the network (see Applications below). Standard diagnostic tools, such as a bus tester for systematic testing of bus lines and slaves when setting up the network, and bus monitors for recording bus communication or visualization systems for display of the process, permit easy servicing.

PFA 700N with PROFIBUS plug

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Applications (click on image for close-up view)

Application for PFA 700 Field Bus Interface


PROFIBUS DP, as a standardized field bus system, substantially reduces development, installation and commissioning effort and expenditure in such cases by comparison with conventional wiring. A high volume of information from and to the control room, such as measurement, closedloop control and open-loop control signals or alarms, can be transmitted in concentrated manner via the network


Mains voltage: 110 to 240 V AC, -15/+10 %, 50/60 Hz, no switchover necessary.
Power consumption: max. 21.5 VA.
Current load for free inputs: 24 V DC, ±10 %, < 10 mA per input, inputs not used are not activated
Current load for free outputs: Relay contact, max. 1 A, 264 V (not internally fused).
Temperature range: -20 to +60°C, no condensation permitted.
Front panel width: 40.6 mm
Overall height: 128.4 mm
Plug connector: Type C, 96-pin to IEC 603-2

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