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Burner Control Unit BCU 480Burner Control Unit BCU 480

  • For pilot and main burners of unlimited capacity in intermittent or continuous operation pursuant to EN 746-2
  • Automatic burner control unit, ignition transformer, indicators, and operating controls are in a space-saving metal housing that replaces the local burner control cabinet
  • Flame control is by UV, ionization or another option using the furnace chamber temperature
  • Display of the program status, unit parameters, and flame signal
  • Manual mode for burner adjustment and for diagnostic purposes
  • Programming and diagnostic software BCSoft simplifies logistics management
  • Spacious connection chamber with plug-in terminal blocks and plug-in cable sockets for quick installation and servicing
  • Air valve control relieves the furnace control
  • Optional PROFIBUS-DP interface
  • FM approved


The BCU (burner control unit) 480 controls, ignites, and monitors gas burners for intermittent or continuous operation. Its fully electronic design reacts quickly to various process requirements and is therefore suitable for frequent cycling operation.

It can be used for industrial burners of unlimited capacity that are ignited by pilot burners. Pilot and main burners can be modulating or stage-controlled. The BCU 480 monitors pilot and main burners independently. The pilot burner can burn continuously or it can be switched off. The BCU is installed close to the burner to be monitored.

On industrial furnaces, the BCU reduces the load on the central furnace control by taking over tasks that only relate to the burner, for example it ensures that the burner always ignites in a safe condition when it is restarted.

The air valve control assists the furnace control for cooling, purging, and capacity control tasks.

The program status, the unit parameters, and the level of the flame signal can be read directly from the unit. The burner can be controlled manually for commissioning and diagnostic purposes.

If the local requirements on the burner control unit change, the BCSoft software can be adjusted to the unit parameters of the application using the optical interface.

Users can see input and output signals and the error history.

Ordering Information

Model and Description Price Cart
BCU 480T-5/5/2LR3-E1
5 second trial for ignition period; 2nd 5 second safety time on start up;air valve control; power management via phase.
BCU 480T-10/5/2LR3-E1
10 second trial for ignition period; 2nd 5 second safety time on start up;air valve control; power management via phase.

For all other configurations Contact Combustion 911


Model and Description Price Cart
PCO 200
Optical Adapter for BC Soft with USB interface, includes CD-ROM
Ignition Cable
Silicone Rubber Cable High Voltage 7mm (priced per foot).

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