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Kromschroder PF-19 High Density, Cabinet Door Mounted Multi-burner Control System

PF-19 Burner Control SystemKromschröder has produced one of the most capable lines of industrial flame safety equipment available anywhere. Not only does every Kromschröder flame safety control allow you to use flame rods or UV sensors without replacing amplifiers, they have advanced features tailored specifically to the industrial market. In addition, Kromschröder offers flame safety in a variety of form factors - so that this critical control fits the system YOU want to create, rather than forcing you to wrap your system design around an inflexible platform.

All units include a UV/flame rod amplifier as standard and most units use a bright, 2-digit LED display to indicate flame control status.

The PF-19 system is designed for door or panel mounting in a control enclosure and provides very high density flame supervision (control up to 9 burners in a single 19 inch rack that is 5.25 inches high and 7.75 inches deep). Eliminate the need for extra large (and expensive) control cabinets that hog your precious floor space! An optional MPT pulse module provides PULSE-FIRE control for the PF-19 system WITHOUT PROGRAMMING! Simply connect the PF-19 to your own series limit string and temperature loop controller and you have a complete combustion system! Racks can be ganged together to control furnaces with hundreds of burners.

For simple systems that are direct-spark ignited and operate for less than 24 hours, the IFD-258 is an economical choice with surprising features. As with its larger cousins, the IFD can accept UV or flame rod sensors and has a 2-digit LED display.

The PF-19 system can be configured and monitored via Kromschröder's BCSoft software. This software lets you modify the parameters that control the action of the BCU or PF-19 module, includes a data-logging function, and lets you view the performance history of the flame safety control. The software is a great price - FREE! - when you buy the Kromschröder Optical Interface.

PFU 760 Automatic Burner Control Unit

Automatic Burner Control Unit PFU 760

The PFU 760 is designed specifically for directly ignited burners of unlimited capacity in intermittent operation or in continuous operation.

PFU 780 Automatic Burner Control Unit

Automatic Burner Control Unit PFU 780

The PFU 780 is designed specifically for pilot and main burners of unlimited capacity in intermittent operation or in continuous operation.

PFF 704 Flame Relay

Flame Relay PFF 704

Flame detector in 19″ standard rack for multi-flame control in conjunction with PFU or for flame signalling.

PFP 700 Power Supply

Power Supply PFP 700

Power supply in 19″ standard rack for supplying the control inputs on automatic burner control units PFS, FM approved.

PFA 700A Field Bus Interface

Field Bus Interface PFA 700N

19″ module for interworking of up to nine automatic burner control units PFS, PFD or PFU 778L with industrial communication networks.

PFR 704 Relay Module

Relay Module PFR 704

Relay card for 19″ standard rack, for signal coupling, FM approved.

MPT 700 Impulse System

Impulse System MPT 700

19″ module for converting a controller signal to pulse cycles for gas burners.

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