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Burner Control Units BCU

Kromschröder has produced one of the most capable lines of industrial flame safety equipment available anywhere! Not only does every Kromschröder flame safety control allow you to use flame rods or UV sensors without replacing amplifiers, they have advanced features tailored specifically to the industrial market. In addition, Kromschröder offers flame safety in a variety of form factors - so that this critical control fits the system YOU want to create, rather than forcing you to wrap your system design around an inflexible platform.

All units include a UV/flame rod amplifier as standard and most units use a bright, 2-digit LED display to indicate flame control status.

The BCU 300 and BCU 400 series are specifically designed to mount near a burner (in a NEMA 3R enclosure). This greatly simplifies field wiring and allows for local control of a burner during commissioning. A bright, 2-digit LED display clearly indicates the state of the flame control and allows your operations staff to know instantly what is going on with your burners. Options for the BCUs include dual sensor/dual amplifier (for continuous or intermittent piloted burners), auto-cycling of the burner on a 24 hour period (to ensure the integrity of the flame sensor), 1400 Degree bypass inputs (to safely enter and leave 1400 Degree bypass mode), proof of closure switch monitoring, and an integrated ignition transformer. Network control and monitoring of the BCU is available via the Profi-busT industrial network (all options must be specified at time of order).

Both the BCU and the PF-19 system can be configured and monitored via Kromschröder's BCSoft software. This software lets you modify the parameters that control the action of the BCU or PF-19 module, includes a data-logging function, and lets you view the performance history of the flame safety control. The software is a great price - FREE! - when you buy the Kromschröder Optical Interface.


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