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ESA has been supplying complete solutions for industrial combustion since the 1970s. Headquartered in Curno (Bergamo), Italy, ESA manufactures a broad range of burners (more than 40 different families), offering a wide array of capacities and incorporating a bevy of technologies, including: high velocity; recuperative; regenerative; flat flame; multi-fuel; premix; ribbon; radiant tube; packaged; and more.

Like many burner manufacturers in Europe, ESA has been aggressively developing products over the last decade to help plants realize higher efficiency, greater fuel savings, and lower emissions without losing their competitive edge. Unlike some of ESA’s competitors, their burner catalog offers high-efficiency models with capacities exceeding 1MM BTU/hr. In addition, these burners display a smaller physical footprint than similar burners on the market, making them ideal candidates for retrofits and smaller furnace designs.

ESA is far more than a burner manufacturer, though their product range and innovation is notable. ESA is a solution provider first and foremost. Deep experience in industries such as aluminum, copper, ceramics, cremation, food processing, galvanizing, and others, allows ESA to propose proven solutions with confidence.

ESA is also well known as a supplier of custom solutions and equipment, often creating special burners for specific applications. Whether your need could be considered standard or a little bit unique, ESA is always willing to consider a proposal — all they need are the application details and drawings.

Aside from offering a wide range of robust, reliable burners, ESA manufactures an impressive array of combustion controls and flame safety equipment. Typically, 80-90% of the equipment in an ESA solution bears the ESA logo. This can be a tremendous advantage for a number of reasons; in many cases, the equipment has been designed to work together, and you have only to look in one place for spares.

Olsträd Engineering and Combustion 911 are proud to be the exclusive representatives for ESA in the USA, and non-exclusive representatives for Canada and Mexico. Please contact us for any of the fine products below, or to start the conversation concerning your next combustion system.

Package Burners

FC Package burner for fixed air, modulated gas control; 500K - 1.5MM Btu/hr
EPB Package burner with modulating air valve; 270K - 5MM Btu/hr

Medium Velocity Burners

EMB Medium velocity burner with alloy combustor; 70K - 8.5MM Btu/hr

Medium Velocity Radiant Tube Burners

RT Medium velocity burner for radiant tube firing; 100K - 1MM Btu/hr

High Velocity Burners

EMB-SIK High velocity burner with silicon carbide combustor; 70K - 3MM Btu/hr
EMB-SIK-DA High velocity burner with silicon carbide combustor and secondary air capability; 270K - 1MM Btu/hr
EMB-SIK-NxT High velocity burner with silicon carbide combustor and NxT technology for low NOx and CO emissions; 340K - 2.3MM Btu/hr
REKO-SIK-NxT-FF High velocity self-recuperative burner with silicon carbide combustor and NxT technology for low NOx and CO emissions; 100K - 1.35MM Btu/hr

High Velocity Radiant Tube Self Recuperative Burners

REKO-SIK-NxT-RT High velocity self-recuperative burner for radiant tube firing with NxT technology for low NOx and CO emissions; 50K - 500K Btu/hr

Flat Flame Burners

ESW Flat flame burner; 300K - 4.75MM Btu/hr

High Velocity Self Recuperative Flat Flame Burners

REKO-SIK-NxT-SW Flat flame self-recuperative burner with NxT technology for low NOx and CO emissions; 340K - 820K Btu/hr

Ribbon Burners

AB and ABM Ribbon linear flame burners; 68K - 220K Btu/hr

Limiting Orifice Valves

GAF Manual gas adjuster

Ignition Transformers

TAR-10 Ignition transformers designed to provide a high-energy ignition spark for industrial burners.


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