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Pressure-Reducing and Ratio Regulators

A Regulator for Every Application

No matter your application, Elektrogas has a regulator to fit your need. Whether you’re after a pressure-reducing regulator for your main fuel train, ratio regulators for your burner trains, or you require overpressure shut-off to safeguard your pressure-sensitive equipment downstream, you’ll find it all here. With a variety of sizes, springs, and spare parts, it’s just as easy to keep your old Elektrogas regulator running as it is to spec a brand new one.

RAG ratio regulators are just what you need to maintain a constant gas/air ratio supplied to your burners. RAGs maintain a ratio of 1:1 for continuous or intermittent control, with an adjustable bypass as standard. You’ll need one of these at every burner for pulse-fire applications, though they’re often used in modulating systems, too. In the market for a zero governor? Purchase kit VZ with your RAG.

R/RF and R/RS-125 pressure-reducing regulators are spring-loaded with pressure compensation diaphragms and zero shut-off to maintain the set outlet pressure despite changing gas flow rates. R and RF models are the perfect solution for applications where gas or air pressures do not exceed 7 PSI. RF features integrated filter media, to help shorten the train in tight spots, or to provide an extra level of filtration in high-debris systems. R-125 and RS-125 models are best for high-pressure gas applications (between 7 and 180 PSI). RS-125 features an integrated safety shut-off valve, which slams shut if pressures spike above the set point, eliminating the need for a separate slam-shut device.

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