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Technology for Combustion

Combustion 911 brand combustion components and accessories are engineered to arm you with the latest in controls thinking. Through the years, combustion systems have become more ambitious, and safeties have grown to help protect property and personnel. As the complexity of the myriad systems composing a furnace or oven increases, there’s a greater need for elegant technology that helps operators, maintenance technicians, engineers, and managers cut through the fog. Combustion 911 provides products to do just that.

Flame Monitoring

UV sensors are a popular way to monitor burner flame, but many who have used them know that sometimes they need a little help. In systems with multiple burners, where some burners are lit while others are not, it’s common to encounter faults due to a UV sensor “seeing” flame during trial for ignition, because the burner against the opposite wall is firing. Similarly, in situations where a furnace door is open, shop welders, lights, or daylight pouring through windows, can cause an errant "flame on" signal. This is where the Z-Swivel comes in handy. This convenient swivel fitting allows you to dial-in an angle that removes these unwanted UV sources from the sensor's view.

Another issue sometimes encountered with UV sensors is excess heat at the furnace wall. Since sensors are necessarily mounted near the furnace, the only remedy for overheated UV sensors has been the introduction of cooling air, which is not always sufficient. Combustion 911 has another idea. The Z-Scope is a periscope for UV sensors, constructed from stainless steel to discourage heat conduction. The Z-Scope is not an off-the-shelf item, but rather is engineered according to your specific needs.

Z-Scope Z-Scope UV Sensor Periscope
Z-SV-1/2 Z-Swivel UV Sensor Swivel Fitting, 1/2" NPT
Z-SV-3/4 Z-Swivel UV Sensor Swivel Fitting, 3/4" NPT
Z-SV-1 Z-Swivel UV Sensor Swivel Fitting, 1" NPT