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Industrial Burners

ESA Brand Burners

Olsträd Engineering and Combustion 911 are proud to be the exclusive representatives for ESA in the USA, and non-exclusive representatives for Canada and Mexico. Please contact us for any of the fine products below, or to start the conversation concerning your next combustion system.

Industrial Burner BICKromschroder Burners

The Kromschröder Advantage in Burner Technology

Kromschröder's heavy-duty industrial burners have proven themselves to be reliable workhorses for a wide range of applications. A true differentiator compared to many other manufacturer's burners is absolute lighting reliability (they light every time!). Used mainly in industrial furnaces and kilns as well as commercial ovens and dryers, BIO, BIC, ZIO and ZIC burners are ideal for metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), automotive, ceramics, textiles, wood, paper, and food processing industries. These burners also provide outstanding performance in thermal after-burning plants, hot air generators, and dryers. Whether you're in the market for a pulse-fire system, a modulating system, a spare burner or just spare parts, we've got the solution to your burner troubles!

BIO, BIO(A), and ZIO burners can be equipped with a heat-resistant steel tube (which takes the place of a ceramic burner tile) for low temperature applications. Using a refractory tile (quarl) with the BIO, BIO(A), and ZIO burners extends their use into high temperatures with medium to low velocity flames. These burners have a large capacity range – up to 17 Million BTU/hr (5,000 kW)!

BIC, BIC(A) and ZIC burners are great for pulse-fire applications due to their high outlet velocity and high pulse magnitude. BIC and BIC(A) burners use TSC silicone carbide tube sets to serve as the combustion chamber. The wide capacity range of these burners (up to 450 kW) ensures that we have the right burner to fit your application.

All Kromschröder industrial burners are engineered in Germany to provide optimized combustion and ensure the lowest polluting level possible. On top of that, Kromschröder burners are also surprisingly versatile – the installation position is arbitrary, so you can mount them on the ceiling or either side-wall of the furnace! 

ZAI pilot burners are for the safe ignition and flame protection of atmospheric burners in conjunction with Kromschröder's automatic burner controls IFD and PFU.

ZMI pilot burners are for the automatic ignition and control of gas burners, in conjunction with the automatic burner controls IFD or PFU and the ignition transformer TZI or TGI.

ZKIH pilot burners are for the automatic ignition and ionization control of gas burners in conjunction with  Kromschröder's automatic burner controls IFD and PFU.

Santin Burners

Olsträd Engineering and Combustion 911 are proud to represent Santin Srl in the USA and Mexico, with some representation in Canada. Contact us today if you need an alternative to OvenPak, or if you'd like to discuss your next combustion system.


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