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Heat Rises?

There’s a common misconception that heat rises. It does not. Heat radiates equally in all directions. The misunderstanding comes from the true and observable statement that, relative to cooler air, hot air rises. That’s why hot air balloons work, also why many politicians have excellent posture. For commercial and industrial heating, knowing that heat and Read More

Employee Spotlight: Abby Karnes

Abby Karnes began her Olsträd journey as an automation intern, and has since become an indispensable full-time Mechatronics Engineer. Her career journey has been rooted in learning, discovery, and a constant commitment to problem solving. From Intern to Full-Time Abby’s passion for STEM subjects started early. “Growing up, I loved doing science projects and playing Read More

Ratio Regulator FAQ

What is a ratio regulator? You might be more familiar with another name. These are sometimes called cross-connected regulators, proportional regulators, or zero governors. Or any mix of those words, like proportional governor. Each of these names can give us an idea of what the device does. When working with combustion, you want a specific Read More

Employee Spotlight: Paul Meyer

Since Paul Meyer joined the Olsträd family a few months back, he’s hit the ground running as a Combustion Sales Specialist. Throughout his career, he’s been driven by the pursuit of new knowledge. Electrical Engineering Roots Paul shared that his engineering mindset developed the day he could read a word. “Math is my first language,” Read More

FAQ: Gas Filters

A gas filter is installed upstream of all other components on an industrial combustion system. It’s a simple item with a big job. What does a gas filter do? A gas filter is commonly provided with a cast aluminum housing, and the filtration is performed by the media inside. Depending on your application and the Read More

Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams recently became the new Vice President of Combustion at Olsträd Engineering! We had the opportunity to ask Jennifer some questions about her time at Olsträd, her new position, and her plans moving forward. Congratulations on your new title! Do you have any plans for the combustion group you can share? My plan and Read More

Employee Spotlight: Sutherland McKelvey

We recently sat down with sales engineer Sutherland McKelvey to get to know a little more about him, and his experience at Olsträd Engineering so far. What is your background in engineering? “I was part of a 5 year degree program in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Akron, but wound up taking some exploratory Read More

Elektrogas Proof of Closure FAQ pt 2

Welcome to round two of our proof of closure FAQ! Q: Do I need “Proof of Closure?” A: Proof of Closure (POC) is required by NFPA86 if the burner capacity is 400K BTU/Hr or more; in these cases, proof of closure is required on one valve in series, while visual indication is required on both. Read More

FAQ: How do you wire devices with metric electrical connections?

Conduit For many years, the use of rigid or liquid-tight conduit was the standard for running wires to field devices, such as safety shut-off valves, pressure switches, and flame safety devices. Rigid conduit is thin walled metal tubing that helps to protect wires from mechanical damage and some environmental factors. Liquid-tight conduit is flexible and Read More

Elektrogas VMRNA Automatic Vent Valve

The Elektrogas VMRNA is a normally-open vent valve for industrial combustion systems. Because the valve is open when de-energized, VMRNA can be thought of as the opposite of a safety shut-off valve (closed when de-energized). How they work A reverse-acting solenoid valve, VMRNA is normally open. That means you must apply power to close the Read More


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