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Custom Control Panels

Custom Combustion System Control PanelOlsträd Engineering Corporation offers the highest quality control panels for process and combustion control. From full automation systems to basic relay panels, we offer cost-effective, simple-to-operate, and easy to maintain panels you’ll be happy to own.

Easy to Own and Operate PLC Software

Simple, straight-forward PLC code makes software that is easy to commission and easy to maintain. From modern, state-of-the-art PLCs that use the IEC-1131-3 languages to legacy systems that use relay-logic only, well-designed, well-executed code is at the heart of all high-performance automation systems. Olsträd maintains a library of efficient, effective, field-tested code that can be combined to create custom solutions to your automation needs.

Technology to Match Your Needs

Olsträd Engineering Corporation creates systems based on the level of technology that best suits your needs. Today’s technology allows a broad range of solutions — from a totally connected plant-floor automation system to a stand-alone relay-based panel incorporating state-of-the-art loop controllers. We LISTEN to YOUR needs, then work WITH you to decide the optimum approach.

Automation Systems

Olsträd has experience with each of the main players in the automation world. From Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation), Siemens, Modicon (Schneider Electric), and more, we provide systems based on the best each has to offer. No need to have an “orphan” PLC — we easily and effectively adopt YOUR plant standards to create a system that BELONGS on your plant floor!

Advanced Controller-Based Panels

Olsträd creates high-performance panels using the latest dedicated loop-controllers from Eurotherm, Honeywell, West, Yokogawa and more. Need ramp/soak? No problem! Need multi-loop control with event programming and some basic logic? No worries! We adopt your standards or pick from those instruments best suited to YOUR needs.


Olsträd specializes in bringing new life to existing systems. While everyone likes to have new equipment, we understand that sometimes an incremental need is best met using existing systems. We can reach back years, sometimes decades, to provide new features to an old system — and do it with minimal interruption to your operation. Repair/refurbishment services also available.

High-tech systems enjoy high-tech support

Olsträd Engineering Corporation adopted both virtualization and cloud-based technology years ago. Our virtualization experience allows us to support systems year after year without fear of software obsolescence (we lock the development software in a virtual machine we keep forever). With cloud services we link to your site via secure connections — that you control — and support your system.


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