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UV Detectors UVS

  • The UV sensor monitors the gas burners in intermittent operation
  • The burners can either be ignited directly or operated as pilot and main burners
  • Suitable for small burners due to high sensitivity
  • Virtually immune to interference due to its insensitivity to daylight, infrared radiation and incandescent bulbs
  • Maximum safety thanks to protection against discontinuity or short-circuit on the flame signal cable
  • Lower logistics costs as the UVS 10 replaces several previous models
  • Suits industrial needs due to robust design
  • Complies with the requirements of EN 298 in conjunction with Elster Kromschroder automatic burner control units
  • UV sensors UVS 1, UVS 6 and UVS 8 can be replaced by using various adapters
UV Detector UVS 10

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Ordering Information

Model Description Price Cart
UVS 10D2 ½″ NPT internal thread. Replaces UVS 8T. Contact Us Not available for online purchase.
UVS 10D3 ½″ NPT internal thread and cooling air connection. Contact Us Not available for online purchase.
UVS 10D0G1 Rp ½″ internal thread and M20 cable gland. Replaces UVS 6. Contact Us Not available for online purchase.


The UVS UV detector monitors gas burners of unlimited capacity with or without fan, on hot-air furnaces, gas-fired boilers, industrial furnaces and excess-gas flaring installations in conjunction with the PFU 780 burner control, the PFU 760 burner control, the IFS 110IM burner control or BCU series automatic burner controls.


Model and Description Price Cart
Replacement UV Tube for UVS 1, 6, 10.
Contact Us Not available for online purchase.
Quartz glass disc with seals.
Contact Us Not available for online purchase.
Z-Swivel UV Sensor Swivel Fitting, 1/2" NPT
Z-Swivel UV Sensor Swivel Fitting, 3/4" NPT
Z-Swivel UV Sensor Swivel Fitting, 1" NPT
Z-Scope UV Sensor Periscope

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