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Allanson Ignition TransformersQuality Ignition Transformers by Allanson

Allanson has been providing reliable products for over 90 years. A privately-owned Canadian company, Allanson spreads their manufacturing over two plants. While Allanson manufactures a number of fine products, our favorites by far are their ignition transformers.

Allanson’s 2260 (and 2265) series is a light, compact, and powerful electronic ignition transformer. Choose the 2260 for nearly any combustion application where flame sensing is done using a UV sensor or dedicated flame rod.

The 2260 and 2265 carry the UL Recognized Component mark for Canada and the USA, and they’re CSA approved. Combustion 911 has been using this model for years for our customers who need the UL stamp.

For applications where the transformer must be protected, Combustion 911 offers the 2260 or 2265 mounted in an enclosure.

Combustion 911 is proud to carry Allanson transformers, and to use them on the systems we sell. Please contact us for any of the fine products below, or to start the conversation concerning your next combustion system.

We’ll be offering a wider range of the Allanson transformer line in the coming months; stay tuned!

Ignition Transformers

Allanson Ignition Transformer 2260

Ignition Transformer 2260 and 2265

Compact, lightweight, and versatile ignition tranformers are designed for constant duty.


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