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Elster Kromschröder PF-19: PFU & PFS

The 19” subrack system continues to be a popular and viable option for customers interested in mounting their burner controls on the control cabinet. Over the years, Elster Kromschröder has offered this style of solution in a few generations of product. In the beginning, every rack was wire-wrapped by hand, which added to the cost and delivery time. The current cards plug into a motherboard, which requires comparatively little wiring.

Due to the robust nature of these systems, some customers are still using first generation equipment. The PFS 600 series cards were discontinued in the 1990s and cannot be ordered from the manufacturer. As the cards populating these racks fail and spares run out, replacing the PF-19 system is often the only option. Combustion 911 and its sister companies have extensive experience with Kromschröder’s PF-19 equipment, and we are more than happy to provide a quote for a new system.

The PFS 778 was discontinued in 2008, with the release of the PFU 7xx. Though both versions use a motherboard for most applications, the motherboards for the PFS series were discontinued along with the cards. However, a failing PFS 778 may be replaced by a special “K1” version of the PFU. The pin-out of the standard PFU models differs from that of the PFS, so be sure to use only K1-type cards in your PFS rack.

There are several differences and improvements in the PFU series. These are available either for single-burner control (PFU 760) or for pilot and main burner control (PFU 780). The most noticeable improvement is the two-character digital display, which allows you to cycle through the parameters and read burner characteristics, such as flame signal strength. In the past, a micro amp meter was added to the PF-19 rack system, which used test leads to interface with jacks on the front of the PFS. The digital display on the PFU also flashes a fault code in the event of a system error. Reading these fault codes in conjunction with the manufacturer’s literature can help operators and technicians pinpoint a problem.

There are other differences between the PFS and PFU, which must be taken into account when ordering K1 (PFS replacement) cards. The closed design of the PFU is one of these. Whereas the PFS modules allowed users to change settings via dip switches on the circuit board, changes to the PFU must be made using the manufacturer’s BC Soft software, and the Optical Adapter. One of the PFS dip switches toggled between 120V and 230V main voltage, but it is important to note that this is not possible with PFU. Main voltage must be known at time of order.

In an effort to make ordering replacement cards as painless as possible, we created a PFS to PFU Conversion Form, which may be downloaded and printed from the PFU product page. With the aid of the diagram located at the top right-hand corner of the form, locate the dip switches on your failed PFS card and fill-in this document as completely as possible. Once done, it may be either faxed or emailed back to Combustion 911. Our sales associates can use this information to provide you with a PFU “K1” replacement. Ideally, if the exact model and all settings are known prior to shipment, the PFU you receive will be ready for installation and immediate use. Though it isn’t necessary, we encourage customers with several PFUs in operation to purchase an Optical Adapter, in case parameter changes must be made in the field.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for help identifying your current Elster Kromschröder PF-19 burner control module, or to inquire about a new PF-19 system. These systems are designed, engineered, assembled and tested in-house by our technical staff, to your specifications. Email us today!

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