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FAQ: VR Solenoid Valves for Air: Repair, Replacement Options

Q: I need to either replace or service some Kromschröder VR solenoid valves. Why don’t I see them listed on your website?

A: Unfortunately, the T-Product (North American Market) version of the VR solenoid valve for air has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and is no longer available. However, the European Standard version is still being offered, along with a selection of spare parts. So, while we cannot provide the T-Product VR valves, we can give you some options to repair or replace your existing units, or for planning a new installation.

The most common point of failure on the VR solenoid valve is the rectifier PC board. If you can determine that a failed VR could be returned to operation with the introduction of this spare part, then you’re in luck. The rectifier PC board for T-Product models is available for purchase, and the manufacturer has published literature detailing the replacement procedure. Please note that the rectifier board we stock is only for use with the North American Market (T-Product) versions, in 120V. Please read the literature carefully before attempting replacement of this part, and please note that the operations detailed in the literature are to be carried out only by qualified technicians. If you are planning to order a large quantity of replacement rectifier PC boards, please expect a lead-time of a few weeks for these to arrive from the manufacturer in Germany. We are working to make these items available to purchase online. Until then, please contact us to place an order.

The main difference between the T-Product and European Standard versions of the VR valve is the pipe connection. The T-Product version was offered with either NPT thread or ANSI flange connection, while the European Standard models connect via RP thread or ISO flange. Aside from this detail, the versions are interchangeable. For this reason, one of the popular options for customers is to use an RP thread model in conjunction with thread adapters. A downside to this option is that the adapters add approximately 1 – 2” to each side of the valve body, which typically means re-piping when replacing a T-Product model. If you are interested in European Standard VR valves and thread adapters, please contact us.

The last option available, whether for new installation or replacement of an existing VR, is to use a VAS instead. The VAS is Elster Kromschröder’s safety shut-off solenoid valve, and while it is typically used with natural gas, it can also be used with air. While looking at this option, please keep in mind that slow open/slow close operation is not available on the VAS (this is an option for VR), and the flow characteristics between VAS and the VR valves, with similar connection sizes, are different (as are the body sizes). Prior to ordering a VAS for use with air, please consult the flow charts found the Technical Information for VAS.

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Posted by  b-olstrad ; Published May 24, 2013

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