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Valvario Valves ValvesValvario Valves

The Most Versatile Safety Shut-off Valve System on the Planet

Kromschroder's Valvario line is the most compact and easy-to-use series of double-seated solenoid valves for gas on the market today. Valvario is all about making fuel trains easier to manage and troubleshoot. All components, including flanges, in the Valvario line mate easily to create complete gas transportation systems. This allows maintenance to be performed without re-piping – something that's sure to please anyone who has ever had to replace a valve in the field!

All Valvario valves feature a power indication light, making it easy to tell whether or not the valve is powered, and four taps which can be used to mount a DG..VCT pressure switch, a test point, or (depending on the size of the valve) another Valvario valve for use as a bypass.

VAS valves come in three standard body sizes, with compatible flanges sized ⅜″ to 2½″ NPT. This means that you can use any VAS as a reducing port. For instance, you can pipe into a VAS 1 at 1″ NPT, and pipe out at ¾″ NPT – a simple solution which saves time and money!

VCS double valves are simply that – two VAS valves bolted together! Any two VAS valves of the same size may be bolted together to create a VCS unit, saving the time it would take to pipe two valves separately, not to mention the trouble of wiring them together over even a short distance. With the Valvario design, valves are wired together seamlessly using engineered-to-fit accessories.

VAGs are Valvario valves with a ratio regulator built-in. This is where the beauty of a compact fuel train starts to become a reality. Paired with the VAD, a Valvario valve with a pressure-reducing regulator as part of the valve body, piped-in components begin to disappear from your fuel train, replaced by easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain Valvario modules!

Valvario safety shut-off valves are for use with natural and LP gasses, with position indication and visual indication available as options. ANSI flange versions of the VAS are available for pipe sizes up to 4″, and all sizes are available in 120 V AC or 24 V DC versions. Kromschröder's Valvario line was designed to withstand the demanding cycles of pulse-fire operation, and with new accessories launching all the time, it's no wonder the competition can't keep up!

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