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Automation Trailer Visit

HH Barnum recently paid a visit to our Kent offices, bringing along their “automation trailer.” They treated us to ice cream and gave us a tour of their unique mobile showroom. They’re a distributor, and their trailer is full of different automation related technology from a variety of suppliers. They tour around with their trailer Read More

ESA Complete Combustion Systems

Whatever your combustion needs, ESA offers complete combustion systems to help you reach your goals. Their focus is to give you the functions, controls, and productivity you need. ESA can help you reduce energy cost, lower emissions, and meet all necessary rules and regulations. They’re more than a burner manufacturer, though their product range and Read More

Animations and Upgrades

If you’ve been following us on social media, you’ve probably seen the animations we’ve posted in the last several months. From short, light-hearted holiday greetings, to full length instructional videos; our marketing team has been busy creating unique visuals to enhance our marketing efforts. For the last 12 weeks, our marketing assistant Nick has been Read More

Elektrogas VS Pressure Relief Valve

The Elektrogas VS pressure relief valves reduce temporary pressure surges in combustion systems. These devices are usually used on gas trains, industrial applications, and gas firing systems. The shutting-off of automatic valves, or regulators not closing tightly, can cause pressure spikes. By releasing extra pressure in a relief line, Elektrogas VS valves enable systems to Read More

FAQ: What Are Butterfly Valves Used For?

Butterfly valves may be used to regulate, or control flow in combustion systems. The models found on our site allow some flow even when 100% closed. Butterfly valves can be found on both gas and air lines in combustion systems. The “butterfly” part of the name actually refers to the rotating disc connected to a Read More

ESA’s Innovative Self-Check UV Scanner

NFPA86 requires burners being monitored by UV scanners to shut-down at least once every twenty-four hours. Why? The reason is safety. A UV sensor is a consumable part, and can fail in either a safe state (no flame present) or an unsafe state (flame present). A typical life cycle for a UV sensor is around Read More

FAQ What is a Safety Shut-off Valve?

Q: What is a safety shut off valve? A: A safety shut-off valve (SSOV) is a normally closed valve which opens when power is supplied. They are found in the main gas train as well as the burner (gas) train. In a combustion system, safety shut-off valves receive their power from the flame safety device Read More

FAQ: What Is a Pressure Switch Used For?

Q: What is a pressure switch? A: The purpose of a pressure switch in a combustion system is to keep the system from running or to shut the system down if pressure conditions are not within safe operating parameters. How Pressure Switches Work A pressure switch detects the presence of fluid pressure; in our case, Read More

Elektrogas VMRNA Automatic Vent Valve

VMRNA from Elektrogas is a normally-open vent valve for industrial gas manifolds. This valve is suitable for discharging excess or leakage gas into relief lines, for venting to a safe location (or atmosphere). They function by means of a reverse solenoid valve. This means without power, the valve is open. An inner spring pushes on Read More

Installing a Sun Shade

People have different preferences for their work space; some people like an air-conditioned office, others prefer sunshine and feeling the breeze. Several of our team members had started to work outdoors, but we only had one table with an umbrella, making it difficult for multiple people to work outside in the shade. So, we decided Read More


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