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FAQ: What is a Package Burner?

A package burner is an industrial burner with its own dedicated blower. The standard scope of supply includes everything you need to safely run the burner: blower, air valve, air pressure switches, gas manifold (with filter, pressure reducing regulator, safety shut-off valves, gas pressure switches, etc.), ignition transformer, and flame safety. You are responsible for Read More

FAQ: What is a Ribbon Burner?

What is a Ribbon Burner? A ribbon burner is a type of premix, direct-fire burner typically used in low temperature applications such as air heating, bakery, sterilizing, brazing, and packaging. The term “premix” refers to a process of creating a gas and air mixture, at the proper ratio, which populates the flame tube prior to Read More


The REKO-SIK-NxT-SW by ESA is a sidewall burner in a self-recuperative body utilizing ESA’s NxT technology. A “sidewall” (or “flat flame” or “wall hugging”) burner traditionally uses centrifugal force to achieve a flame that stays close to the refractory wall, avoiding impingement on the work product. The REKO-SIK-NxT-SW works a bit differently, instead dividing the Read More

ESA Complete Combustion Systems

Whatever your combustion needs, ESA offers complete combustion systems to help you reach your goals. Their focus is to give you the functions, controls, and productivity you need. ESA can help you reduce energy cost, lower emissions, and meet all necessary rules and regulations. They’re more than a burner manufacturer, though their product range and Read More

ESA’s Innovative Self-Check UV Scanner

NFPA86 requires burners being monitored by UV scanners to shut-down at least once every twenty-four hours. Why? The reason is safety. A UV sensor is a consumable part, and can fail in either a safe state (no flame present) or an unsafe state (flame present). A typical life cycle for a UV sensor is around Read More

ESA RT Industrial Radiant Tube Burner

The ESA RT series are radiant tube burners for gas. RT burners are used for indirect heating; they use heat radiation to provide heat transfer inside a furnace without flame impingement. This also eliminates contamination of the workspace by products of combustion. The radiant tube connects to the burner. They come in many shapes, but Read More

Industrial Medium Velocity Burner for Gas EMB

ESA’s EMB series are metallic gas burners used for direct heating. EMBs allow excess air, stoichiometric, and excess gas regulation. Depending on size and use, EMBs can be used for natural gas and LPG combustion (in the standard version) and other types of gaseous combustion agents with different heating properties. (Special versions available upon request.) Read More

ESA EPB Package Burners

ESA offers a line of package burners called EPB. The EPB series is a monoblock metal gas burner for direct heating. These burners allow excess air settings, and stoichiometric excess gas. Depending on the size and conditions of use, this type of burner can be used for combustion of natural gas and LPG (gaseous) and Read More

Visiting our Italian Partners: May 2022 pt. 2

After our stay in Treviso, we headed towards Bergamo to visit the main offices of our partners at ESA. There was an accident on the highway, so we took an alternative route, causing us to be over an hour late. Bergamo is a unique city— there is a historic neighborhood upon a hill, surrounded by Read More

ESTRO Flame Control Device

The ESA ESTRO is a microprocessor operated flame control device that controls gas and oil fired burners for continuous operation. This device safely controls one or two stage burners (pilot and main), combustion air, and is able to detect the flame signal via ionization sensors (electrodes) or UV radiation (UV-scan), continuously performing a periodic check Read More


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