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Olsträd Engineering and Ohio TechCred

One of the great things about having offices in Kent, Ohio is that we’re able to access state resources like Ohio’s TechCred program. TechCred is a grant aimed at increasing the skills of Ohioans, and creating stronger workforces for employers. Approved, technology-related training programs are eligible for grants of up to $2500. This is a Read More

Elektrogas Solenoid Air Valves

Elektrogas VRA, VLA, and VTA are a series of solenoid actuated valves used to control cold combustion air. Thanks to their expert design, they’re capable of continuous service, and are ideal for on/off or high/low control of combustion air in industrial gas burners. Function Elektrogas air valves are normally closed. When powered, the valve opens Read More

FAQ: What is a Ribbon Burner?

What is a Ribbon Burner? A ribbon burner is a type of premix, direct-fire burner typically used in low temperature applications such as air heating, bakery, sterilizing, brazing, and packaging. The term “premix” refers to a process of creating a gas and air mixture, at the proper ratio, which populates the flame tube prior to Read More

FAQ: What is a double solenoid valve?

You’ve probably run into the phrase “double solenoid safety shut-off valve” from time to time, but what does this mean? What makes a double solenoid valve different than a single valve? Are they required by NFPA86? Join us for answers to these questions, and more! What is a double solenoid valve? A solenoid valve uses Read More

FAQ: What is NFPA86?

If you work in combustion, then you’ve almost certainly heard the term NFPA86 before. Many people seem unsure about what exactly NFPA86 is. So, we’ve put together a handy overview to clarify this commonly heard phrase. NFPA NFPA is an organization (NFPA= National Fire Protection Association). Their goal is to reduce the threat of injury Read More

Elektrogas LMV Linear Control Valve

The Elektrogas LMV series are control valves for linear adjustment of gas or air flow in combustion systems. If you need more precise flow control than you can get from a butterfly valve, then you need a linear flow control valve like the Elektrogas LMV. Servomotors drive LMV valves. The Elektrogas MZ3 servomotor provides 3-point Read More

Intern Summer Send Off

At Olsträd Engineering, we pride ourselves on providing the most immersive, highest quality internships in combustion and automation engineering. With our Summer 2022 internship session coming to a close, we wanted to celebrate our interns’ accomplishments and thank them for being our best group yet. What separates Olsträd Engineering’s internships from others is the level Read More

Career Fairs Fall 2022

Autumn is right around the corner! Students will be returning to school, and we’ll be attending more career fairs. We’re seeking out the best and brightest students to join our team as interns. Internships at Olsträd Engineering are exciting, engaging, and hands-on. We’re primarily looking for engineering students with a focus in mechatronics, automation, electrical, Read More

FAQ: What Does a Pressure Reducing Regulator Do?

Ever wondered what a gas pressure regulator is, or why you need it in your system? We’ve put together this FAQ to help answer your questions! What is a gas regulator? A regulator is a valve with the job of regulating system pressure. In industrial combustion, the two types of regulators we see most often Read More

FAQ: What are Needle Valves?

We often get questions about needle valves. So, we’ve put together this handy FAQ to help answer your questions! Needle valves, also called adjusting valves, or fine-adjusting valves, are usually found downstream of the safety shut-off valves (SSOVs) on the burner gas train, though they can also be found on the burner air train. This Read More


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