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FAQ: ValVario Valves

Q: One of my old VAS valves needs to be replaced. What’s the best way to order a new one?

A: The VAS series of solenoid valves is part of the valVario family of products, designed to offer compact, modular solutions for industrial gas piping. If you are experiencing a failure with a VAS valve, or if it has passed its operation cycle-rate, then the best information to have when ordering a replacement is found on the product label. Our customer service representatives can use either the manufacturer’s 8-digit part number or the manufacturer’s description to provide you with pricing and availability information on a new valve.

One of the features of valVario equipment is that the connection isn’t fixed; a Size-1 VAS valve can be fitted with threaded pieces (the manufacturer refers to these as “flanges” – something that causes a little confusion from time-to-time) to create a 3/8, 3/4, 1/2, or 1” pipe connection. This is good information to have when replacing a valve, because these threaded pieces (flanges) can be left on the pipe, while only the valve body is removed and replaced. The flanges are affixed via four bolts (two on the inlet, two on the outlet), which may be removed using an Allen Wrench, sized 4mm for a Size-1 valve body, 5mm for a Size-2 valve body, and 6mm for a Size-3 valve body. During installation of the new valve, it is important to tighten the bolts to the manufacturer’s specifications. For a Size-1 valve, set your Torque Wrench to 4 Newton-Meters; for Size-2, use 8 Newton-Meters; and for Size-3, use 14 Newton-Meters.

A useful result of this design is the ability to use an inlet pipe size which differs from the outlet. During project planning, this can be taken into account to reduce the number of pipe fittings needed, and to open component possibilities that may seem troublesome otherwise.

Products in the valVario family can be assembled in-line, using the same bolts and torque specifications noted above, to create extremely compact fuel trains. These products include VAS safety shut-off solenoid valves, VAD safety shut-off solenoid valves with integrated pressure reducing regulator, VAG safety shut-off solenoid valves with integrated ratio regulator, VMF filter modules, VMO metering orifice assemblies, VMV fine-adjusting valves, and VAN magnetic relief valves. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when planning to create a valVario fuel train. First, each of the components that are to be bolted together should have the same body size (Size-1 to Size-1, and etc.). Second, seal sets are available for purchase and contain a thick gasket that must be utilized in order to create a seal between two components. valVario fuel trains assembled by Combustion 911 are pressure-tested to ensure that they leave our facility leak-free.

In an effort to enable our customers to identify and select replacement valves online, we’re working on a tool that allows you to type-in the 8-digit number used by the manufacturer for a valve with flanges, and immediately identify an appropriate replacement valve body (without flanges). Once that tool is complete, we’ll post a link to it here.

Other accessories designed for the valVario family include DG..VCT pressure switches that mount directly to the front or back of a valVario valve body, bypass attachment kits that enable you to mount a valVario valve to another the same size or larger for use as a bypass valve, and TC tightness controls. If you are in the market for a replacement solenoid valve, whether or not you’re using valVario currently, please don’t hesitate to contact us either via phone or email. Our knowledgeable customer service staff is available to help you make a selection.

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