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FAQ: Connecting Electrode Adapters to Ignition Cable

Q: I’m having trouble getting a good connection on the barbed fittings in my TZI transformers and electrode boots. What is the best method to connect ignition cable to these items?

A: The TZI Transformers and many of the Electrode Adapters offered by Elster Kromschröder use a barbed fitting, also called a “spearlock anchor,” to achieve connection to the ignition cable. This style of connection was discussed in previous FAQs: Electrodes for Pilot and Industrial Burners #1 & Electrodes for Pilot & Industrial Burners #2. If you look inside the electrode adapter at this fitting, it resembles a screw.

To help illustrate the best procedure for connecting electrode adapters to ignition cable, we created the following video:

The key elements of a trouble-free connection are:

1) Use the right ignition cable! Combustion 911 supplies a low-capacitance, 7mm, soft silicone rubber-jacketed ignition cable that we’ve found to be the best fit for Elster Kromschröder equipment.

2) Properly trim the wire to allow about 1/8 inch of the conductor to protrude from the insulation.

3) Fan out the wire (like a flower).

4) Using a punch or awl, create a small depression in the middle of the wire “flower.”

5) Using a clockwise motion, screw the cable into the TZI or spark plug boot.

6) Test the connection by holding the TZI or spark plug boot and tugging (gently!) on the cable.

Following this procedure, you always get a solid electrical and mechanical connection — and eliminate a common failure point for good burner ignition or flame sensing.

Please don’t hesitate to email questions that arise as a result of, or due to confusion regarding a pending, Kromschröder purchase to

Posted by  b-olstrad ; Published May 10, 2013

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