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It’s Not Alive!

Baron von Olsträd’s Sketchbook #8

Baron von Olsträd’s new comic pokes fun at perceptions. Though the literary Frankenstein’s Monster was calculating and coldly intelligent, most people seem to think of this character as brainless and bumbling, maybe even goofy. It’s all a matter of how the character is portrayed commonly, and the instances with which many are familiar. Troubleshooting a problem with a combustion system is similar, in that the cause may elude detection due to previous, perhaps contrary, experience. The example shown in the illustration posits a situation where some type of liquid has found its way into the burner gas piping. The downward pressure of this liquid works against the gas pressure, preventing gas from reaching the burner. Without watching the liquid enter the piping, and with little evidence of its presence, even an experienced technician could be driven mad.

It's Not Alive!

Click the image to visit the Baron von Olsträd’s Sketchbook page containing the large version of this comic, along with The Baron’s thoughts on shambling abominations. Olsträd Engineering offers a full range of combustion services, and our staff is always happy to help you explore your options.

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Posted by  b-olstrad ; Published April 26, 2013

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