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Elektrogas Proof of Closure FAQ pt 2

Welcome to round two of our proof of closure FAQ! Q: Do I need “Proof of Closure?” A: Proof of Closure (POC) is required by NFPA86 if the burner capacity is 400K BTU/Hr or more; in these cases, proof of closure is required on one valve in series, while visual indication is required on both. Read More

How to Wire an Elektrogas Proof of Closure Device

We’ve created a video demonstration to help users wire a DIN plug for an Elektrogas Proof of Closure device. The numbers in this blog correspond with the numbers in the video. 1. Once you’ve unscrewed the plug and removed it from the proof of closure device, step one is to remove the rubber gasket and Read More

FAQ: Valvario Proof of Closure and Visual Indication

Q: Why do I have to specify a flow direction when ordering valVario solenoid valves with proof of closure and visual indication? A: Perhaps the best way to answer this question is to start with a quick description. Many manufacturers differentiate between models featuring proof of closure (POC) and those with visual indication (VI), but Read More


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