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The Black Art of Burner Tuning

Baron von Olsträd’s Sketchbook #2

We’ve posted the second installment of Johann “The Baron” von Olsträd‘s comically educational series of illustrations and explanations. Today’s comic deals with the sometimes mysterious procedures and notions behind tuning burners on a combustion system. It’s not uncommon to encounter maintenance professionals and combustion technicians who are tasked with tuning a bank of burners, but who haven’t received proper training.

The Black Art of Burner Tuning

Click on the image to visit the Baron von Olsträd’s Sketchbook page containing the large version of this comic, along with notes regarding some of the proper burner tuning procedures. The Olsträd family of companies provides burner tuning services employing sound, scientific methods with proven results. Please write or call for additional information. As always, thank you for visiting Combustion 911.

Posted by  b-olstrad ; Published September 7, 2012

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