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It’s Not Alive!

It’s common for an industrial plant to have openings to in the roof, especially when these plants have furnaces or ovens. A vent line allows excess combustible gases to exit to atmosphere, and a flue might allow the same for products of combustion inside the furnace chamber. Placement of these vents and flues should be Read More

The Proper Way to Light a Burner

Something we share in common with most other animals in nature is a drive for individual survival and the survival of the species. If your environment happens to include industrial furnaces and/or ovens, employing the proper way to light a burner is key to the safety of yourself and those around you. Our ability to Read More

FAQ: What is a Package Burner?

A package burner is an industrial burner with its own dedicated blower. The standard scope of supply includes everything you need to safely run the burner: blower, air valve, air pressure switches, gas manifold (with filter, pressure reducing regulator, safety shut-off valves, gas pressure switches, etc.), ignition transformer, and flame safety. You are responsible for Read More


The REKO-SIK-NxT-SW by ESA is a sidewall burner in a self-recuperative body utilizing ESA’s NxT technology. A “sidewall” (or “flat flame” or “wall hugging”) burner traditionally uses centrifugal force to achieve a flame that stays close to the refractory wall, avoiding impingement on the work product. The REKO-SIK-NxT-SW works a bit differently, instead dividing the Read More

FAQ: What is an Industrial Burner?

Q: What is an industrial burner? A: We like to say an industrial burner is just a fancy way of mixing gas and air. This is the primary task of a nozzle-mix burner, because the fuel and air are kept separate right up until the point of combustion. Every manufacturer has a different design for Read More

EMB-SIK-DA Industrial High-Velocity Burner for Gas

ESA’s EMB-SIK-DA are gas burners for direct heating. The shape of the silicon carbide flame tube produces a tightflame. This allows high heat penetration and better temperature uniformity inside the combustion chamber dueto the high speed of the products of combustion. The DA burner has a secondary air inlet and the excess air capacity of Read More

FAQ: Ignition Electrodes for Pilot and Industrial Burners

Q: I need some new spark ignitors for my burners. Is that something that I can buy from Combustion 911? A: Combustion 911 carries stock of the components required to create ignition electrodes (also called “spark ignitors”) and ionization electrodes (also called “sense electrodes” or “flame-rods”) for a wide range of Elster Kromschröder pilot and Read More

FAQ: Electrode Adapters and Interference Suppression for Pilot and Industrial Burners

Q: I need to replace a few of the connectors that allow the ignition cable to interface with the spark plugs. Can you explain the differences between the various types you carry? Specifically, when should you use “interference suppressed” models? A: The electrode connectors you’re referring to are also typically called “electrode adapters,” “spark plug Read More


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