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Category Archives: Industrial Valves

Industrial gas valves for combustion control systems.

Elektrogas VMRNA Automatic Vent Valve

The Elektrogas VMRNA is a normally-open vent valve for industrial combustion systems. Because the valve is open when de-energized, VMRNA can be thought of as the opposite of a safety shut-off valve (closed when de-energized). How they work A reverse-acting solenoid valve, VMRNA is normally open. That means you must apply power to close the Read More

How to: Attach S Actuators to VF Valves

It’s easy to mate an Elektrogas S actuator with a VF butterfly valve. Here’s how it’s done: Identifying the Parts To begin, let’s gather and identify the necessary parts. S actuators ship with the parts shown above. 1) The solenoid actuator 2) A connection ring3) Two screws4) A cork gasket Butterfly valve VF ships alone. Read More

FAQ: What’s an Air Valve?

The term “air valve” can refer to several distinct pieces of equipment. Combustion requires heat, fuel, and oxygen, and we usually see oxygen provided as a component of ambient air (the air we breathe). The type and quantity of air valves on a system is determined by the application and the control scheme. We might Read More

Elektrogas Solenoid Air Valves

Elektrogas VRA, VLA, and VTA are a series of solenoid actuated valves used to control cold combustion air. Thanks to their expert design, they’re capable of continuous service, and are ideal for on/off or high/low control of combustion air in industrial gas burners. Function Elektrogas air valves are normally closed. When powered, the valve opens Read More

Elektrogas LMV Linear Control Valve

The Elektrogas LMV series are control valves for linear adjustment of gas or air flow in combustion systems. If you need more precise flow control than you can get from a butterfly valve, then you need a linear flow control valve like the Elektrogas LMV. Servomotors drive LMV valves. The Elektrogas MZ3 servomotor provides 3-point Read More

Elektrogas SSOV Spare Parts

Are spare parts available for Elektrogas safety shut-off valves (SSOVs)? Absolutely! Don’t scrap that valve just yet. We stock a full range of spare parts for Elektrogas SSOVs, so please check with us first. We’ve compiled a list of the most common spares. Have a look! Dampeners The VML is a slow opening SSOV. The Read More

Elektrogas VS Pressure Relief Valve

The Elektrogas VS pressure relief valves reduce temporary pressure surges in combustion systems. These devices are usually used on gas trains, industrial applications, and gas firing systems. The shutting-off of automatic valves, or regulators not closing tightly, can cause pressure spikes. By releasing extra pressure in a relief line, Elektrogas VS valves enable systems to Read More

FAQ: What Are Butterfly Valves Used For?

Butterfly valves may be used to regulate, or control flow in combustion systems. The models found on our site allow some flow even when 100% closed. Butterfly valves can be found on both gas and air lines in combustion systems. The “butterfly” part of the name actually refers to the rotating disc connected to a Read More

FAQ What is a Safety Shut-off Valve?

Q: What is a safety shut off valve? A: A safety shut-off valve (SSOV) is a normally closed valve which opens when power is supplied. They are found in the main gas train as well as the burner (gas) train. In a combustion system, safety shut-off valves receive their power from the flame safety device Read More

Elektrogas VMRNA Automatic Vent Valve

VMRNA from Elektrogas is a normally-open vent valve for industrial gas manifolds. This valve is suitable for discharging excess or leakage gas into relief lines, for venting to a safe location (or atmosphere). They function by means of a reverse solenoid valve. This means without power, the valve is open. An inner spring pushes on Read More


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