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Probe CarboProbe CPCarboProbe CP

  • Operating temperatures of 600°C (1100°F) to 1700°C (3100°F)
  • Based on the ZRO2 zirconia oxygen sensor
  • Simplest oxygen probe on the market
  • Includes digital meter
  • Cost-effective and highly reliable
  • No maintenance required for hundreds of hours of work (if handled carefully)
  • No safety hazard — the maximum voltage a probe can produce is less than the battery!
  • Easy to install and easy to read oxidizing/reduction values
  • Response time < 1.0 second


The CarboProbe CP is a very simple, low cost oxygen probe with an easy-to-read digital meter displaying oxidation/reduction.

It is especially designed for potters.


The CarboProbe CP is supplied without a thermocouple.

The advantages of measurement of oxidation/reduction include:

  • Fuel savings – An economical firing depends on supplying enough oxygen, without waste of energy from heating excess air.
  • Reliable glaze colours – Knowing the right level of reduction every firing gives you the colors you want, firing after firing.
  • Reduced air pollution – Use the CP Probe as a guide for stoking wood-fired kilns to reduce wood consumption and unnecessary ash and smoke.

This probe is based on the ZRO2 zirconia oxygen sensor.

Ordering Information

Model and Description Model Length (mm) Thermocouple Type Price Cart
CarboProbe CP, 200 mm (7.9") CarboProbe CP 200 None Contact Us
CarboProbe CP, 300 mm (11.8") CarboProbe CP 300 None Contact Us
CarboProbe CP, 400 mm (15.7") CarboProbe CP 400 None Contact Us
CarboProbe CP, 500 mm (19.7") CarboProbe CP 500 None Contact Us

For all other configurations Contact Combustion 911


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