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Industrial Burner ETAMAT RHGBSRecuperated Gas Burner ETAMAT RHGBS

  • New high-velocity burner with integrated metal foamed recuperator for excellent heat recovery
  • Special burner housing
  • Combustion efficiency up to 90%
  • Reduction in exhaust gas outlet temperature after the burner to below 300°C
  • Multi-stage combustion
  • Compact unit in modular design with separate cooling air connection, direct flame monitoring with ignition electrode in single-electrode mode
  • Use for both new installations and for retrofit of burners with finned recuperator for subsequent increase of efficiency
  • Very low noise level: below 60 dB (A)

NOXMAT®’s ETAMAT RHGBS high-velocity, recuperated gas burner is designed for the direct or indirect heating of industrial furnaces in a number of applications.

Model and Description Model nominal thermal capacity minimum thermal capacity Gas Type nominal connected gas pressure nominal connected air pressure maximum temperature insertion length Price Cart
25 kW (85,000 BTU/h) nominal thermal capacity; 10 kW (35,000 BTU/h) minimal thermal capacity; 8 kPa (32”w.c.) nominal connected gas pressure; 10 kPa (40”w.c.) nominal connected air pressure; 1050°C (1920°F) max. temperature; 560 mm insertion length; For natural gas, liquid propane gas
ETAMAT RHGBS 25 25 kW (85,000 BTU/h) 10 kW (35,000 BTU/h) Natural Gas, liquid propane gas 8 kPa (32"w.c.) 10 kPa (40"w.c.) 1050°C (1920°F) 560 mm Contact Us Not available for online purchase.

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Model and Description Price Cart
Ignition Cable
Silicone Rubber Cable High Voltage 7mm (priced per foot).
UVS 10D2
UV sensor monitors gas burners in intermittent operation. ½″ NPT internal thread. Replaces UVS 8T.
UVS 10D3
UV sensor monitors gas burners in intermittent operation. ½″ NPT internal thread and cooling air connection.
UVS 10D0G1
UV sensor monitors gas burners in intermittent operation. Rp ½″ internal thread and M20 cable gland. Replaces UVS 6.

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