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Burner Control Unit BCU 460

BCU 460T-5/2R3

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  • 1st trial for ignition period: 5 seconds
  • Automatic burner control unit, ignition transformer, indicators, and operating controls are in a space-saving metal housing that replaces the local burner control cabinet
  • For use with directly ignited burners of unlimited capacity in intermittent or continuous operation pursuant to EN 746-2
  • Flame control by UV, ionization, or another option for using the furnace chamber temperature
  • Display for the program status, device parameters, and flame signal
  • Manual mode for burner adjustment and for diagnostic purposes
  • Programming and diagnostic software BCSoft simplifies logistics management
  • Spacious connection chamber with plug-in terminal blocks and plug-in cable sockets for quick installation and servicing
  • FM approved


Model and Description Price Cart
PCO 200
Optical Adapter for BC Soft with USB interface, includes CD-ROM
Contact Us Not available for online purchase.
Ignition Cable
Silicone Rubber Cable High Voltage 7mm (priced per foot).


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Application for BCU 460 Burner Control Unit Modulating-controlled burner
Control: ON/OFF/Continuous

The external control system moves the butterfly valve for air to ignition position. The burner starts at low-fire rate, and a regulator controls the burner capacity via the butterfly valve for air after the operating state has been signalled.
Application for BCU 460 Burner Control Unit Two-stage-controlled burner ("L" products)

The BCU supports the cooling and purging processes. The burner starts at low-fire rate. When the operating status is reached the BCU advises the control unit. The PLC can now pulse the air valve in order to control the burner capacity.
Application for BCU 460 Burner Control Unit Single-stage-controlled radiant tube burner ("L" products)
Control: ON/OFF

The BCU supports the cooling and purging processes.


Mains voltage: 115 V AC, -15/+10 %, 50/60 Hz
Inherent consumption: approx. 9 VA plus inherent consumption of the ignition transformer.
Voltage to inputs and valves: mains voltage
Signal and control line: max. 2.5 mm2
Cable for burner earth/PE wire: 4 mm2
Input voltage signal inputs: Signal "1": 80 - 126,5
Signal "2": 0 - 20
Input current signal inputs: Signal "1" typ. 2 mA
Output current: Max. 2 A per output, but total current for valves and ignition transformer: max. 2.5 A.
Fail-safe inputs and outputs: All the inputs and outputs marked "FS" may be used for safety tasks.
Flame control: Sensor voltage: approx. 230 VAC
Sensor current: > 1 µA
Length of sensor cable: max. 5 m
Fuse in unit: F1: 3.15 A, slow-acting, H pursuant to IEC 127-2/5
F3: 3.15 A, slow-acting, H pursuant to IEC 127-2/5 (on BCU..C).
Ignition Transformer
Type: TZI 7.5-12/100R
Input: VAC: 115
Hz: 50 (60)
A: 1.2 (0.9)
Output: V: 7500
mA: 12 (9)
Operation and fault signaling contacts
Signalling contact (not floating): max. 2 A, 264 V, not internally fused
Max. number of operating cycles: 1,000,000
Mains switch: 1000
Reset/Information button: 1000
Operation and Environment
Length of Burner cables: max. 5 m. (16.4 ft.)
Ambient temperature: -20°C (-4°F) to +60°C (+140°F) (no condensation permitted)
Construction Materials
Enclosure: IP 54 pursuant to IEC 529
Housing: Die-cast aluminium with plug-in terminal blocks and plug-in M20 cable glands.
Weight: Approx. 5 kg (11 lbs.) depending on version.


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